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Hang these rigid, lightweight, geometry induced Sola Felt patterns to transform space and control sound.

Create your Signature Divy Partition

  • What you get

    One 36.375" x 72.375" (924mm x 1838mm) Divy partition featuring a birch frame and a patterned Sola Felt panel.

  • Material Choices

    Sola Felt

  • Design Choice

    — Sola Felt color and pattern
    — Stainless or Black Oxide hardware finish

  • Product Features

    — NRC rating of .75 (Alpha W .70H)
    — Carries a Class A fire rating (US only)
    — One 36.375" x 72.375" (924mm x 1838mm) Divy panel is the smallest unit. For wider applications, additional panels will be added
    — Maximum ceiling height of 174" (4420mm)
    — Easy to install
    — Available in 14 standard Sola Felt Colors

  • Lead Time

    Two weeks (not including transit time)

Explore the versatility and visual impact of these easy to install partitions that bring a quiet elegance to their projects.

Change Geometry
with 5 Pattern Options

A grouping of closely fitting geometric shapes make up the five pattern options available in the Divy collection. From subtle to complex, there's a pattern for every space.

  • Plane

  • Margin

  • Vim

  • Net

  • Quint


Choose Color
Create Comfort

Made using our PET technology and 50% post-consumer recycled material, Sola Felt is available in 14 colors.

Sola Felt


The Finer Touches

Details That Matter

The Divy system comes with custom engineered hardware for both single and multi-panel installations. Available in Stainless Steel or Black Oxide finishes.

  • Stainless Steel
  • Black Oxide
  • Dimensions

    Min 36.375" x 72.375" (924mm x 1838mm)

  • Cable Tensioner

    Cable Tensioner
  • Smooth Side Fastener

    Smooth Side Fastener
  • Cable Coupler

    Cable Coupler
In the picture

Divy Partition

Material  |  Sola Felt
Color  |  Mineral
Pattern  |  Net
Hardware  |  Black Oxide

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