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Ceiling Tiles

NRC rated square tiles you can add to your drop ceiling grid to transform a basic ceiling into a sculptural landscape of shape and color. They have a Class A fire rating, too.

Create your Signature Tetria Ceiling Tiles

  • What you get

    Any size with a minimum of four Sola Felt 23 13/16" x 23 13/16" (604 mm x 604 mm) tiles that fit a standard 15/16" drop ceiling grid.

  • Material Choices

    Sola Felt

  • Design Choice

    — Tile pattern
    — Sola Felt color

  • Product Features

    — NRC rating of .90 (alpha W .90)
    — Class A fire rating
    — Easy to install
    — Design online with the Tetria configuration tool

  • Lead Time

    Three weeks (not including transit time)

These three-dimensional Sola Felt tiles get noticed, especially once you start to add color into the mix using our 14 color palette.

Four Distinct Designs

Tetria's dynamically sloping and angled tiles are a simple install away from creating an expression of your vision that others will love to look up to.

  • Tetria 01

    Tetria 01
  • Tetria 02

    Tetria 02
  • Tetria 03

    Tetria 03
  • Tetria 00

    Tetria 00

Choose Color
Create Comfort

Made using our PET technology and 50% post-consumer recycled material, Sola Felt is available in 14 colors.

Sola Felt

Design Tools

Dynamic Angles

Quiet Design

Ready to create your own Tetria ceiling feature? Choose tile design, color, and visualize your pattern with our online design tool. Preview your ceiling in 3D and quickly obtain pricing. 

Tetria Design Tool
  • Tile Size

    23.8125" x 23.8125" x 3" (604 mm x 604 mm x 76 mm)

    Tile Size
  • Easy Installation

    Tiles easily drop into standard ceiling grids

    Easy Installation
  • Tetria 00

    Can be cut to accommodate obstructions

    Tetria 00
In the picture

Tetria Ceiling Tile

Material  |  Sola Felt
Tile  |  Tetria 02
Color  |  Mineral

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