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Graphic Pattern cropped swatch
Graphic Pattern full swatch
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Scale A

The basics of geometry come together to form this beautifully complex pattern that's ready to be applied with color to Pressed Glass or Varia.
Inverses & Scales / Scale A

Designers love exploring Royal's unlimited customization of pattern style, scale, opacity, and choice of limitless colors to push the vibrancy of this pattern to the limit.

In the picture

Royal Color

Material  |  Pressed Glass
Color  |  Matisse B24
Scale  |  C, Inverse C 

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Graphically Subtle


Looking to achieve a more reserved look for your space? Available in Monolythic Glass our Graphic Patterns + Etch uses micro-sandblast etching for a subtle aesthetic.
Royal Etch

To Realize Your Vision


Structurally Distinct

Geek out on the visual mathematics of this spacial yet structural collection of patterns. Any one of them will look out of this world in your design.

Discover Geometric