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Graphic Pattern cropped swatch
Graphic Pattern full swatch
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Etch Scale A

Subtly apply the sparkling diamonds of Cloy, in inverse or standard styles and different scales, to Monolithic Glass with micro-sandblast etching
Inverses & Scales / Etch Scale A

Explore unlimited customization of pattern style, scale, and the subtle presence our Etch process creates for your project space.

In the picture

Cloy Etch

Material  |  Monolithic Glass
Scale  |  C

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Be Bold

Get Graphical with Color

Looking to make a statement in your space? Available in two Materials our vast Graphic Patterns + Color system allows for unlimited customization of color, opacity, scale, and more.
Cloy Color

To Realize Your Vision


Structurally Distinct

Geek out on the visual mathematics of this spacial yet structural collection of patterns. Any one of them will look out of this world in your design.

Discover Geometric